Wenningstedt Strand

🇩🇪 25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup (Sylt), Germany
54.9350398, 8.3124305
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  • Strong current

    Start paddling against the current, this will make it easier to paddle back with the current to the entry point.

    Be aware of changes in water currents due to changing weather conditions.

  • Seawater

    Clean and dry your equipment after paddling.

    Rinse off seawater with fresh water.

Paddle on your own responsibility and check local navigation rules and regulations.

Spots nearby (~15km)

🇩🇪25992 List auf Sylt

🇩🇪25992 List auf Sylt

Rentals nearby (~15km)

🇩🇪25996 Wenningstedt-Braderup (Sylt)

🇩🇪25992 List auf Sylt

🇩🇪25992 List auf Sylt